Fun-Filled Dental Visits Set the Foundation for a Lifetime of Beautifully Healthy, Happy Smiles

Dr. Nate Seng, Dr. Lauren Long, and the Seng Pediatric Dentistry team love that we spend our days with remarkable, ever-changing children.

We think nothing is more fulfilling than sharing in kids’ lives and enjoying the stories of their adventures and dreams, all while establishing a lifetime of beautifully healthy smiles!

Our office is a kid-friendly environment, where every child is treated gently and patiently, and with respect for their unique needs. By really listening to kids, and making sure they know they are heard and safe, we earn their trust and friendship.

In turn, we are rewarded with spontaneous hugs, big grins, and children telling us they can’t wait to come see us again! Is it any wonder that we love what we do?

Specialized Dentistry for Children

Our Doctors: Dr. Nate and Dr. Lauren are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists. After dental school, each completed a pediatric dentistry residency and specialized training program. This advanced education on addressing the dental needs of growing children, including care for those with special physical, emotional, and developmental concerns, ensures they provide the ideal treatment and experience for your child.

Beyond their professional knowledge and abilities, our doctors are parents and know how to connect with even the most uncertain child, gaining their trust through patience and kindness.

They also understand a parent’s concerns and seek to partner with you, learning your expectations and respecting your wishes. You are invited to accompany your child during their visit, and our doctors and team are happy to answer questions and offer helpful guidance.

Our Approach: Our doctors and entire staff are compassionate, gentle, and truly do their best to ensure a fun and positive experience for each child. We take our time to help nervous children settle in, talking with them in everyday language and listening to what they have to say.

We’re often found crouched on the floor chatting about superheroes, princesses, or a kid’s latest adventure. Kids need to know they are safe and cared about: both are always true at our office!

Our Services: Seng Pediatric Dentistry is the only local office providing specialized dental care for children. In addition to general treatment, we offer laser lip- and tongue-tie revisions. We also offer safe, in-office sedation options, as well as general anesthesia in a hospital setting.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child

We look forward to welcoming your young family members to our dental family. We promise to always care for them as we would our own children: professionally and kindly, with respect for who they are now and the person they are becoming.

Please contact our Jasper, IN pediatric dental office, serving Huntingburg, Washington, and surrounding communities, to schedule an appointment for your child, today!

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